TONIC 007 Profi 100ml

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Alpine herbs
100 ml
"Tonus 007 Profi" is a natural tonic drink based on natural adaptogens. The drink has been used by the Russian national teams in the sports training for more than 15 years. "Tonus 007 Profi" is of high efficacy and safety, which has been proved by expert evaluation and clinical studies. It is recommended by specialists of the All-Russia Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, doctors of national teams, as well as FMBA of Russia to be applied in the sports of high achievements. "Tonus 007 Profi" has no analogs in sports training ( after the expert assessment of VNIIFK).

The drink composition contains only plant ingredients.

As a sports beverage "Tonus 007 Profi" has the following performance benefits:
  • Significant increase in muscle strength and endurance,
  • Reliable performance in the sports results,
  • Raised level of endogenous testosterone level,
  • Rapid adaptation and recovery after intense physical exercise,
  • Stability to stress and psycho-emotional disorders,
  • Improvement of overall well being and mood elevation,
  • High motivation for physical activity and training
"Tonus 007 Profi" is absolutely safe and non addictive. A unique offer- "Tonus 007 Profi" - from "BINASPORT" has no analogues among tonic and energy drinks.


Nutritional value and active substances

100 ml

% DV



< 2%

Energy value

29 kcal

< 2 %

% DV is a percentage of the recommended daily use (for 1 serving - 100 ml) in accordance with Annex 2 to TR TC 021/2011.


Adults take in 100 ml 1-2 times a day during the period of intensive workouts. A recommended  intake course makes 2 weeks, depending on the intensity of loads, body weight, age, and physical aptitude. The course can be repeated, if necessary, in a week. The supervision of a sports physician is recommended 

Not indicated in case of: individual intolerance, pregnancy, breast-feeding, irritability, sleep disturbances.


Prepared water, sugar; extracts: Chinese magnolia fruit (Schisandra chinensis), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus), roots of levzea carthamoides Rhaponticum (Rhaponticum carthamoides), roots and rhizomes of Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola rosea); citric acid, flavor of natural "Alpine herbs", sodium benzoate, carbon dioxide.


A specialized dietary product is intended for athletes. It is not a drug.


Flask 100ml.
Store in a cool, dry place at temperatures from + 4C to + 6C, protected from direct sunlight.


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