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"Tonus 007" with flavor of lemon, cola and alpine herbs has become very popular among the athletes of various sports. The beverage is consumed by hockey players of the leading national teams, footballers, national team swimmers, field and track athletes, synchronized swimming athletes, wrestlers.

The drink is based on the extracts of: ginseng, schizandra chinensis, rhodiola rosea, eleutherococcus, leuzea carthamoides, as well as the complex of vitamins.

Biologically active schizandra composites (schizandrin, schizandrol and et al) activate the skeletal muscles, benefit metabolism and stimulate the immune system.

They increase the amount of glycogen in the muscles and decrease its content in the liver causing the rise of lactic acid in the liver and fall in the muscles.

Physiologically active components of rhodiola rosea ( salidrosid, radiolosid and et al.) enhance the activity of retractive proteins in the muscle tissue: actin and myosin. It considerably enhances power endurance and muscle strength.

Phytoecdysten-polyhydroxylied steroid combinations of leuzea carthamoides have a notable anabolic activity. They enable to store proteins in the muscles, liver, heart and kidneys and improve blood circulation.

Physiologically active components of Eleutherococcus senticosus improve sports performance, and due to ATP ( adenosine triphosphate) influence on glycolysis and resynthesis occurring during hard training sessions.

Ginseng increases the strength and mobility of the basic cortical processes, strengthens the differentiation. Panax ginseng is essential in the process of adapting to significant physical stress.

Soft beverage "Tonus 007" type is an original and unique brand not only on the home but also the world market. The drinks with similar characteristics have cited no evidence in the market yet.


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