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BINASPORT «WPC 80» is a classic 100% whey protein. The main component of this product is a high-quality ultrafiltration concentrate of whey protein produced by the leading European companies. Due to the use of native ingredients in BINASPORT «WPC 80», a product with excellent consumer qualities has been formulated.

The whey protein concentrate, as a component of the product, is rich in branched – chained amino acids - BCAAs (19.04 g per 100 g of the product) and glutamine (14.9 g per 100 g). BINASPORT «WPC 80», being a source of high-quality protein with a balanced content of fat and lactose, strengthens immunity and restores muscles force after vigorous exercise, maintaining health and physical activity of an athlete.

As modern studies show, whey proteins, compared to other sources of protein, are more effective for adaptation and recovery, ensuring better results in physical exercises.

The amino acid profile of BINASPORT «WPC 80» is nearly identical to the amino acid profile of skeletal muscles. Whey protein supplies the muscles with all essential amino acids (the "building blocks " of the protein material).

Whey proteins are unique, as they are digested not in the same way as any other dietary proteins. They are rapidly absorbed, delivering more amino acids to the tissues and stimulate protein synthesis, which results in the growth of net quantity of the protein in the muscles.

Studies show that whey proteins, in comparison with other sources of protein, are unique in their ability to contribute to the improvement of the immune system. BINASPORT «WPC 80» ensures an easy and consistent lump-free shake to be dissolved in any liquid.

 Whey proteins from "BINASPORT" are of high value and excellent taste!

PER 100 g
76 g
5 g
9 g


Mix 33 g (1 scoopful) in 250 -300 ml of water or skimmed milk and take 30 minutes before or soon after training. Use the supplement for 4 weeks, depending on how intense your exercise is, your body weight, age, level of training and workout program. A re-course, if necessary, is followed in two-week period. If you drink milk or other beverages the nutritional and energy values are changed.


Whey protein concentrate, calcium diphosphate (E452), guar gum (E412), sweetener - sucralose (E955), natural flavors (according to your taste), natural coloring agent.


WPC 80 WHEY PROTEIN (18x33) is a specialized nutrition product for athletes and individuals doing intense physical exercise.


Powder mass is contained in packs -33 g (each) x 18.


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