Privacy Policy

Shop Online Binasport protects personal data when you visit our website and is responsible for keeping your information safe and secure. In order to provide certain services or orders, we ask for your information details - your personal data. Any information we collect is used mainly to facilitate and extend our services. Personal information is also used to make goods and services online shop Binasport more affordable for you. Having access to the website of online shop Binasport, you give your consent to use these data.

Such information is:

  • data on the number, cost, time and order of the items
  • participation in sales and events on online shop Binasport
  • information on promotions
  • information on registration on the website of an online shop Binasport
  • information on the details of the holder's credit card

Shop Online Binasport does not share or sell your personal information to a third party, except in cases authorised by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.